Prague 3D, 3D UFO, 3D Rabbit (animals) and Tata Bojs 3D is the first 3D official Czech music video for the song Homo Demo from the album Lezata osmicka (The symbol of eight). It was filmed in two days during the second half of July 2012 on the rooftop of the New building of the National Museum in Prague. The technique designed for shooting in 3D clip was imported from England and participated in the creation of the last frame from the renowned director, Ridley Scott called Prometheus. The shoot of our clip was taken care of by the multinational production company, Caviar (at this year’s Cannes Lions advertising festival in 2012 ranked as the 4th best in production worldwide), the clip was directed by Simon Safranek, the DOP was Zbynek Kunc.


The clip presents mankind as a mere test (demo) version, which evolved after its creation thanks to affordable production materials from a primitive but clean individual into an educated but self-destructive mankind that ruins its planet. This is what God has created a new model of mankind to try again from the beginning. The “demo people” find out and invent a plan to save themselves. They want to fly away from the Earth in a space ship. In the end, they sacrifice themselves to save the animals, which the members of the Tata Bojs band dressed in white overalls carry to the ship along with the others. The scene symbolises the biblical story of Noah’s Arch. Thus, people act like Homo sapiens, that is men of reason, but it is too late and they are replaced with a newer, better man.

Apart from members of the band, the video features numerous Tata Bojs fans who were selected from Facebook, a unique gesture with which the band wanted to show its appreciation.


Jiří Kolařík, Product Manager of the AV division, Samsung Czech & Slovak

„Samsung always strives to be one step ahead of the rest not only in the field of technology. When we were given the opportunity in mid 2012 to be a partner at the birth of the first Czech 3D video plus work with Tata Bojs, it was a clear choice for us because we like innovation. The success of the video ended up exceeding our expectations, and I firmly believe that it will be appreciated by Tata Bojs fans, but also Samsung fans.“


Milan Cais, singer-drummer Tata Bojs

„We talked about shooting the 3D clip to our song with director, Simon Safranek shortly after releasing Lezata osmicka back in 2011, but the financially demanding filming wasn’t finished until now, thanks to Samsung and the Caviar production company. In addition to the band members and various animals, some of our fans also make appearances in the video, who were selected by an audition on Facebook – we would like to thank them all again for their time and help during the shoot.“


Šimon Šafránek, director of the clip

„It was an unforgettable experience for several reasons. With the right technology, 3D can mean a genuine revolution in film. During normal filming, the camera shows what I see with my own eyes. With 3D, the image comes to life with the glasses on, space gains new dimensions. We wanted to try this perception in space, grasp it without making it a mere attraction. I also had the opportunity to work with a great team, from the Tata Bojs and Johana Švarcová to the actors we selected from our group of Facebook fans, to cameraman Zbyněk Kunc and producer Honza Strašík and all of our technicians.“


Zbyněk Kunc, the DOP of the clip

„For me cooperating with Simon Safranek is always a great creative challenge. The clip Tata Bojs was done stereoscopically, meaning in a way which allows you to see the recorded scenes not on the surface, but throughout their depth. That was a challenge.“


Jan Strašík, executive producer at Caviar

„Shooting the video for Tata Bojs with 3D technology was a big challenge for us. We needed to get the clip as close as possible to the clouds, which is why we chose the rooftop of the New building of the National theatre. It provided the right space.“


Michal Máka, the marketing manager of the publishing company Supraphon a.s.

„New Technologies and Tata Bojs – it is always an excellent functioning connection. It’s great that we were able to find a partner able to create a timeless effect and implement the innovative artistic dreams of Tata Bojs.“


Squirrel, the rodent of the squirrel family

„I haven’t heard much about the Tata Bojs before, so when I was approached with the possibility to play in the first 3D movie, I was slightly hesitant. But finally I packed my best nut and went for it. I definitely do not regret it, I found a new friend, a boar during the shoot. Although he’s not a big chatterer and has such a stiff expression, the most important is what we find inside. But while we’re at it, the fox’s head is full of sawdust. She even told Simon once (Safranek, the director of the clip – ed. editors) to go to get stuffed! But I’m getting off the topic now. I just want to thank Tata Bojs for this amazing experience and hope they make lots of 3D clips whatever their story will be.“


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Samsung Supraphon Caviar